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Animal Mothers 3103 $15.95 Animal mothers and their babies are adorable friends ready to come out and play, but first you may have to find a few who are good at playing hide-and-seek. Product Details
Dinosaurs 3107 $15.95 It's not easy to hide a dinosaur, but this fun book has five peek-in windows revealing the giant beasts. Every dinosaur is colorfully illustrated to capture their awesome size and wonder. Product Details
Dress-Up Kittens 23111 $21.95 Children will love dressing these adorable kittens from head to toe. An excellent beginning for a matching and dressing exercise for little hands. Product Details
On The Farm 3101 $15.95 Life on the farm is full of discovery - find the nest full of chicks, learn how vegetables grow, or explore a pond. Colorful felt figures provide a barn yard of fun! Product Details
Seasons 3109 $15.95 The beauty of each season and the pleasures of holidays provide the background for who knows how many delightful tales. Product Details
Transportation 23105 $21.95 Take a train, a plane or even a hot air balloon ride. Our transportation kit lets you go anywhere - any way you want to get there. Product Details

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