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Animal Tags 2507 $3.50 12 pieces include: 2 brown kittens, 2 white kittens, 2 bunnies, 2 squirrels, 2 raccoons and 2 puppies. Product Details
Birthday Bunny Tags 2502 $3.50 12 pieces include: 4 bunnies, 4 puppies and 4 pandas. Product Details
Calendar 2517 $19.95 It's days, weeks, even years of learning and fun. The calendar set includes holidays, weather and the art of planning. The names of the days and months are in English and Spanish. Product Details
Puppets 2610 $19.95 Can you guess what sounds these delightful puppets make? You can sing and play "Old McDonald Had a Farm" or create your own puppet theater. Product Details
U.S. Map 2514 $14.95 Learn your way around. From coast to coast, to all points in between, this map will teach you states, capitols, rivers, oceans, lakes and mountain ranges. It's a guide to hours of fun and learning for the entire family. Product Details
You're Special Tags 2506 $3.50 12 pieces include: 6 bears and 6 rainbows. Product Details

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